Don’t worry if nothing works. Part 2.

This is a follow up to a post I wrote titled “Don’t worry if nothing works” where I spoke about how digital security is a myth. I wanted to revisit the topic as the Conservative party has just released their 2017 manifesto, and a big part of it is the promise to take control of the web. They believe it is for the government to decide what can be posted, read, downloaded, seen, and discussed online in the UK.

This is worrying. It is worrying for many reasons but the primary issues I have with it is that:

1. It’s not possible (see my previous post on tech security) and,
2. by attempting it you will create the very thing you are trying to avoid.

I began hacking to bypass restrictions on school networks, as did my friends. As did many hackers who go on to become dangerous people. To ‘be’ a hacker is just to be a curious person, and if you put puzzles in our way we will find a way past them. The bigger the challenge the bigger the desire to bypass it. By placing a country wide set of controls on the web you will create, without control, more security concerns than any amount of content would. You will breed an entire generation of people who understand VPN, TOR, DNS, and Tunnels. This has happened in China, Korea, and Russia. All places where strict web controls are in place and routinely ignored. And all places that now proliferate in creating cyber threats.

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