Design is hard.

Design is hard.

And sometimes we really screw things up.

But the mark of a good design team is not how often they get it right first time, it’s how well they recover and how fast they are able to move on.

You can approach design in one of two ways – only work with people who share your opinions and are sycophants who adore you, or suck it up and realise that mistakes followed by an honest bollocking are your best chance to making something great.

Nobody likes being told they are wrong. But it’s part of the job.

And when it happens there are two things you should do. One, stand your ground when you know you are right. And two, admit that you are wrong when you were.

Design is an iterative process. And it doesn’t happen in solitude. You are not capable of creating incredible design if you work alone. Nobody is.

But that doesn’t mean collaborative design is a group of people with amazing beards and colourful jeans standing around masturbating one another about how wonderful that colour matches that typeface. It’s not all joy and gin.

Sometimes the people you are collaborating with will make you wish another sperm had won that race. They will say things that will really piss you off.

You need to work out if you’re angry because they are throwing out ideas that are bad or if you’re upset because they are right.

If they just don’t get it it’s not worth getting upset about. If they are right though you need to be the adult.

Design is hard.

Design is part science and part subjective opinion. The only bit you should be arguing about is the science.

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